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SEO stands for search engine optimization. In proper English this means that you build your website to be understood properly by several search engines. In our day and age search engines take an important role in the web. The leading search engine in the market is Google with approx. 90% market share. Because of that, this article will cover strategies that target their algorithm. By the way, Larry Page is now the CEO of this huge company in Mountain View/California. He took the seat of Eric Schmidt. Let’s hope that they will again get a little more innovative with that decision.

Nobody exactly knows how Google works. They are trying their best to hide their algorithms from the public because they want to keep shady people from exploiting their systems and killing it with noise. However there are some hints gathered from own experience that I want to share with you.

– Page title:

The page title is very important. You can consider it your advertising text on Google but it is also analyzed by Google. I recommend to use your brand- or your company name first in line and after that the three most important keywords that describe the actual site.

– Keyword density:

Google analyses your website and makes a list of the keywords that are used most. The more a keyword is on the page, the higher is the chance your page will rank higher. For Baumann Finance the keywords are controlling, accounting or interim management. But don’t try to cheat the system by writing your keyword 100 times with a white font at the bottom of your page. Google notices that and punishes it very hard. You can get blacklisted and it is hard to get off that list.

– Clear structure and navigation

Get rid of stuff that can’t be analysed by search engines. It doesn’t help that you built a fancy, animated flash website if the Google algorithm doesn’t understand it. Also you should avoid broken links. They raise the chance that the search engine bots go back into the world wide web and leave your site.

– Metatags

Today everybody states, that Meta tags are losing relevance. I don’t know if Google looks at them actively or ignores them. Although it is very important for marketing reasons how you describe your site. That means you should definitely define the description below that occurs below your site title with a Meta tag. To read more about that you can use Wikipedia. With those tips nothing keeps you from getting in the Top 15. Most search engine users look only on the first page. Only a few continue to look beyond that. Nobody ever looks what they might find in the void space after the third page. If you need support with the construction of your site please contact me. There is also the possibility to buy links via Google CPC. But this topic is enough material for a whole new article. If you wish, I can also cover this topic in a personal consult.

Thank you for your attention, see you next time.

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