ERP Implementation

Marketshares and Evolution of the ERP market

The ERP market has grown by 3.8% in 2013. Previous year 2012 a remarkable growth of 2.2% was recorded. A quarter of the market is dominated by the german software Company SAP:


What should be considered in an ERP implementation?

– What are the neural pathways for human beings, is Information Technology for the companies

– Lonely parts may not be considered in isolation they have to be seen as an overall system

– The business procedures and processes have to be analyzed first before it goes to the IT planning

– A growth with the company must be possible.

– Never forget the total security of IT systems

– What kind of infrastructure is needed. Should we implement these in-house or externally ?

– Whenever possible , try to use the already proven standard software

– The process model from the vendor says a lot about his professional qualities. Let him present it before the start of the Project.

ERP modules

Typical functional areas of an ERP are:

• Finance and Accounting ( FI )
• Controlling (CO)
• Materials Management
• Production
• Procurement
• Human Resources (HR )
• Research and Development
• Sales and Marketing
• Master Data Management
• Product Data Management
• Document Management

The size of the company determines the requirements for the different functional areas. Likewise, of course, varies also the available investment sum for hardware, licenses and implementation.  More and more you can also find free ERP open source solutions on the market. You can find a small selection here .


Standard flowchart of an ERP implementation Project

From my perspective, good project management is the most important element, whether the project will be a success, or there are delays and how often entail additional cost. All Key Users must be involved from the different departments from the beginning on. They are the experts and through a Co-determination they are – from the very beginning – commited and accompany the necessary change process in their Department.

10 mistakes to avoid in Project management


Baumann Finance has already participated in 3 SAP implementations ( Valiant Bank , Leoni Studer and Tally Weijl ). I look forward to bring in my valuable knowledge within your project. An introduction of a new ERP is in my view always a great opportunity for advancement for a company.

Thank you for your attention.


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