Certificate of Employment

Certificate of Employment must be drawn up in accordance with positive law. Therefore, the companies have begun the negative findings concerning the performance of an employee hiding hold. So that you can analyze your witness, I have dedicated my first blog post topic testimony encodings.

A complete certificate includes the following areas:

  • Title
  • Input formula (personal data, duration of employment)
  • Job description (tasks, leadership responsibilities, competencies)
  • Performance assessment (working ability, willingness to work, work capacity, operation, work product, work potential, achievements, Urtei)
  • Behavioral assessment (vs. internal, customers, supervisors, management assessment)
  • Final wording
  • Date and signature (immediate supervisor and HR)

Encryption Techniques:

Silence: Important areas are going to intentionally omitted if t says anything negative. Lack of large parts of the performance evaluation, it must be assumed that the performance was far above average.

Arrangement: unimportant or less important statements can be placed before the key messages. For example, when carrying out the tasks first, the office supplies management is highlighted, this is from a negative image.

Evasion and Filter: The “Dodge” emphasized the testimony exhibitors self-evident and trivialities. Important qualifications handed under the table. Example: If only praised the elegant outfit the chief secretary in a letter of reference, are in danger. When “Restrict” positive statements will be limited in time or space. Example: “In our company, he was considered a specialist in …” In other words: in other companies like it are seen quite differently.

Taciturn: Many job references are written down carelessly. You can tell immediately that this employee is no longer in line with sympathy. Especially for highly skilled workers acts such taciturn testimony as a devaluation of the person. Another technique is the final formula of the labor certificate consciously in opposition to the other parts of testimony and canceled it thereby completely. Popular in this context is also the final paragraph.

Hint: The “hinting” conveys only the informed readers negative conclusions. The employee will be awarded trait that have a clearly negative connotation in technical jargon. The critical, demanding and performance willing employees will often have difficulty finding a new job.

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