As indicated in the CV, this is certainly the main area where Baumann Finance gained the most experience. And not just in a specific sector, but in the pharmaceutical, Banking Community, Facility Services and the Wholesale Trade (FMCG). And is backed by neither the knowledge nor the training to become expert in Accounting and Controlling, which was successfully completed in Years 2011.

Do you need external help in the following areas / activities?

  • Build / Revise Cost Center Structure
  • Build Efficient Cost Center Reporting
  • Project Reporting
  • Build Sauber structured MIS (Management Information System)
  • Executive Management Reporting
  • Analysis of flow and organizational structure regarding economic synergies
  • Clean database structure (Single Point of Truth)
  • Analysis and design of the ER (income statement), balance sheet and / or liquidity planning (cash flows)
  • Mapping of the structures in the SAP / structure of the controlling mechanisms in SAP
  • Breakdown Existing Excel reports and making it clear again? Also, do you need to make you Excel Reports understandable for everybody?

Then Baumann Finance is your ideal partner.

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